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The 27th World Congress of Architects China-Brazil Forum and China Exhibition concludes in Beijing

Updated: 2021-07-21 09:49


The three-day 27th World Congress of Architects China-Brazil Forum and China Exhibition held at the Zhangjiawan Future Design Park, part of Beijing's sub-center area, concluded on July 14.

It was jointly organized by the International Union of Architects (UIA), the UIA 2021 RIO Executive Committee, the Beijing Municipal People's Government, and the Architectural Society of China(ASC).



More than 200 architect representatives from Rio, Paris, Greece and cities across China participated in the event. 

Beijing is also bidding to host the 29th World Conference of Architects in 2026, with its increasing international influence acting as a foundation for Beijing's bid.

By participating in the activities of the UIA, Chinese architects have promoted exchanges and cooperation with their international counterparts, expanding the influence of Beijing and Chinese architecture.

The theme of the China Exhibition is "Rational & Human: The Openess and Diversity of Chinese Architecture", and aims to share Chinese architectural culture with the worldwide community.    


A total of 14 architects and scholars from both home and abroad conducted discussions on the topics "Us and UIA" and "Back to Balance". Together they watched Beijing's video bid "UIA 2026 Beijing candidate city: Back to Balance”.




On July 13, Ye Yiqian, secretary general of the Institute of Chinese Architects, ASC., presided over three forums.

Forum 1


Host: Guo Jianxiang, Vice President of the Institute of Chinese Architects, ASC.


Hu Yue, Chief Architect with Beijing Institute of Architectural Design Co., Ltd. "Starting from the Border"


Chen Ziming, Executive Chief Architect with China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. "Digital Innovation of Air Traffic Control Center"


Xu Weiping, Chief Architect of East China Architectural Design & Research Institute. "Unit and Integration-Space Resilience in Different Scales"

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