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The 27th World Congress of Architects China-Brazil Forum and China Exhibition opens in Beijing

Updated: 2021-07-19 11:03


The 27th World Congress of Architects China-Brazil Forum and China Exhibition was inaugurated at the Zhangjiawan Future Design Park, part of Beijing's sub-center area, on July 12.

It was jointly organized by the International Union of Architects (UIA), the UIA 2021 RIO Executive Committee, the Beijing Municipal People's Government, and the Architectural Society of China.

Chen Jining, Mayor of Beijing, Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio, Thomas Vonier, President of the International Union of Architects, Xiu Long, President of the Architectural Society of China, and Maria Elisa Baptista, National President of the Brazilian Institute of Architects, delivered speeches at the opening of the forum.


Chen Jining said that the World Congress of Architects serves as an important platform for deepening professional and cultural exchanges among architects around the world. With the theme "Back to Balance", this forum is dedicated to an in-depth discussion on how to reflect the balance between people, people and nature, and people and technology through architecture. It hopes to provide new inspiration for future urban development and construction.

He commented that Beijing sees the blending of historical and cultural resources with a strong modern momentum. While protecting the inherent charm of the ancient capital, it has built a number of landmark buildings that embody the characteristics of the times through drawing on outstanding global architectural concepts, technology and craftsmanship.

Being open and inclusive, Beijing is willing to create new opportunities for international architects in the hope of deepening exchanges and cooperation, and further promoting the integration and mutual learning of diverse cultures and common prosperity, Chen added.


The forum is an international academic event jointly launched by the Architectural Society of China and the Brazilian Institute of Architects. It mainly includes the China Exhibition and academic events.

 During the opening ceremony, Sun Zonglie, Chief Curator of the 27th World Congress of Architects in China, introduced the exhibition, and Xiao Wei, Chief Curator of the 28th China Exhibition (to be held in Denmark in 2023), introduced his envision.

Guests from home and abroad witnessed the opening of the exhibition and visited the area together.

The theme of the China Exhibition is “Rational & Human: The Openess and Diversity of Chinese Architecture". The exhibition is located in the Zhangjiawan Future Design Park, in Beijing’s sub-center. The exhibition is expected to be open freely to the public on July 26 or August 1.


Beijing bidding for 2026 UIA: www.uia2026beijing.cn


UIA 2021 Rio: 2021uia.chinaasc.org


 A total of 14 architects and scholars from home and abroad, including Vassilis Sgutas, UIA Honorary President and Zhuang Weimin, President of the Architectural Design and Research Institute at Tsinghua University, conducted discussions on the topics "Us and UIA" and "Back to Balance".

They reviewed the development process of cities in China and reviewed China's participation in UIA international activities, paying close attention to the sustainable development of contemporary cities and buildings globally.




The forum focused on the theme of the 27th World Congress of Architects in Rio de Janeiro and discussed the significance of "equilibrium" in urban development and architecture. It focused on technological change, urban renewal, urban spatial quality and cultural inheritance. At the same time, Beijing is bidding to host the 29th World Congress of Architects in 2026, with its international influence as an foundation for Beijing's bid.

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