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The Botanic Garden of 2019 World Horticultural Exposition

Updated: 2021-04-15 20:35

1 Basic Information

Project Name: The Botanic Garden of 2019 World Horticultural Exposition

Project location: World Horticultural Exposition Park, Yanqing District, Beijing

Base area: 39,000 ㎡

Building area: 8404㎡

Design time: 2016-2018

Completion time: 2019.05

Construction unit: China Vanke Co,Ltd.; Beijing 2019 World Horticultural Exposition Investment and Development Co, Ltd.

Design unit:

Urbanus Architecture& Design Office: Wang Hui, Hao Gang, Wang Yutong, Liu Yi, Xu Zhuoran, Li Xintong, Yao Xiang, Zheng Na, Yao Yongmei, Zhang Fujun

EA4 Design Office of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (Architecture Construction Drawing): Sun Bo, Zhang Mingtao, Wang Beifei, Liu Weijian, Fan Jie

H&J International, PC (Structural counseling)

OFFICE MA (Landscape Design)

Beijing Institute of Landscape Architecture (General Design of Greenhouse)

Beijing Jinglin Comprehensive Landscape Planning and Design Co, Ltd. (Outdoor Landscape Construction Drawing Design)

Beijing Qianjing Garden Planning and Design Co, Ltd. (Greenhouse Construction Drawing)

Inhabit Engineering Consulting (Beijing) Co, Ltd. (Curtain Wall Design)

Guan Yunjia (Senior Interior Design counseling)

Diameter Narrative Design/DND (Exhibition Planning)

Lighting Stories(Beijing)Culture&Creative Co,Ltd. (Lighting Design)

UNITED DESIGN LAB (Visual Image Design)

teamLab Inc., Beijing Xiadedao Technology Co, Ltd., Mountain Ocean Vision (Beijing) Design Consultant Co, Ltd. (Exhibition Hall Design)

Architecture Energy Research Center, Tsinghua University (counseling for Architecture and Greenhouse Energy Efficiency)

Photos: Yang Chaoying, Xia Zhi

2 Background

The theme of 2019 World Horticultural Exposition in Beijing is "Live Green,Live Better". The Expo features a wide array of educational and interactive exhibits and hosts a range of public events, thematic symposia and cultural performances. The emphasis will be on building a beautiful home while promoting harmonious coexistence between human beings and the nature. The Botanic Garden is one of the four major pavilions in the campus . The total area of the site is 39,000 ㎡, with 9,391 ㎡ above ground and a building height of 23.95 m. The core function of this building is a tropical greenhouse about 3,000㎡.

3 Design


Exterior view


South facade


The north side of the dangling structure


View to the greenhouse through the facade


Section 1

Unlike other greenhouses, the greenhouse of the Botanic Garden is hidden on the east side behind the waiting area and is characterized by a "rising horizon" structure. The dangling structure inside the grey space represents the abundant root systems of the plants. This mysterious design has a strong visual appeal for the audience. Meanwhile, it provides shade for the audience while they are waiting outdoors in the hot summer weather, making the otherwise tedious queuing experience full of curiosity and wonderment.



Queue area in the grey space


The dangling structure inside the grey space represents the abundant root systems of the plants



Detailed view

Visitors begin in the Multimedia Exhibition Hall, enter the greenhouse, and finish by returning to the exhibition hall. This sequence reflects the curatorial theme of "The Incredible Intelligence of the Plant", and it maximizes the enjoyment of the audience through various contexts.


Plan level 1

The first stop is the Multimedia Exhibition Hall. The first scene is a lively restoration of a mangrove forest created by TeamLab. To provide the audience with an interactive and engaging experience with nature, TeamLab uses the most advanced interactive acousto-optic effects and an immersive exhibition.


The Multimedia Exhibition Hall


The spiral staircase in the front hall


Stair leading to the roof


Staircase partial view

The route from the exhibition hall to the greenhouse includes a demonstration of mangrove tidal variations, followed by a series of thematic installations. The audience can closely experience the life of plants, such as their reproduction, survival, defense, and cross-pollination. Following along the path that circles upwards, the audience will be directed to closely observe the plants, from the roots to the top.



Interior view of the greenhouse



The elevated path in the greenhouse



The route is covered by a huge ETFE daylighting roof

The major route passes through the treetops, bringing the audience back to the indoor exhibition hall. The path continues to circle up until reaching the top floor of the building, where the audience will find a bookstore, gift shop, and cafe. On the rooftop, visitors can experience a panoramic view of the entire park. This also provides a dramatic view of the Guishui River and Haituo Mountain as well as an overlook back to the greenhouse from a different perspective.



Bookstore and roof terrace

A tourist attraction point located on the rooftop is a sculpture of giraffes called "Molly and her family". The sculpture was designed by James Doran-Webb and is made of Molave wood. Following the steps down brings the audience to a lighting show depicting the process of photosynthesis. The show presents the entire growth process of the mangrove from a seed to a tree and its relationship with its environment. It is designed to remind people that human society depends on plants and that people should treasure and protect nature.


The sculpture "Molly and her family" on the rooftop


Lighting show

During the 2019 expo, the Multimedia Exhibition Hall will not only be used for networking, lectures, and leisure activities. It also includes an arrangement of special exhibitions in collaboration with the Royal Botanical Garden in Britain. The exhibition will show special collections of Chinese paintings to promote public interest and curiosity in this field.


Exhibition hall


The grey space in the sunset


A sheltered place for people to stay


Site plan


Section 2

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