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Guquan Convention Center, Beijing, China, 2012

Updated: 2021-04-01 17:04

1 Basic Information

Schematic Design:Cui Kai, Zhou Xuliang

Principal Architects:Cui Kai, Shi Hong

Cooperative Architects:Zhou Xuliang, Zhao Xiaogang, Liang Feng, Jin Shuang, Zhou Litan, Zhang Rubing

Structural Engineers:Zhu Bingyin, Wang Qi, Song Li,Yang Ting, Guo Tianhan

Water Supply and Drainage Engineer:Wang Yaotang

Mechanical Engineers:Xu Zheng, Zhu Xiujuan

Electrical and Telecommunication Engineers:Xu Dongmei, Wang Li

Intellectualized System Engineer:Zhang Yuezhen

Site Planning:Wang Yaping

Interior Design:Guangzhou Newsdays Interior Design & Construction Co., ltd.

Landscape Architect:Xie Xiaoying

Structure:Reinforced concrete frame-shear wall structure, detached column foundation and manually dug pile foundation

Site Area:251260m2

Floor Area:44460m2

Building Height:34.45m

Design Period:2010


Photos:Zhang Guangyuan,Geng Yijun

2 Background

The Guquan Convention Center is located at the foot of Dahuashan Mountain in Beijing's Pinggu District-90km from its urban center. The project combines facilities for conventions with a hotel. The design focuses on establishing relationships between the Convention Center complex and the surrounding natural landscape. 

3 Design

Its cascading forms mimic the topography of the surrounding mountains. The complex's central atrium space is five stories high and broken into a series of volumes, each of which encloses different functional areas. Crystal-shaped skylights penetrate these spaces, adding a mineral-like glint from above. Two wings of hotel guest rooms-each with their own terrace-step back and away from this center to take good advantage of water views. The exterior of the building is finished in GRC panels and a system of curtain walls of sustainably harvested wood and metal. The texture of these panels references the rocks found on Dahuashan and incorporates stone dust from the mountain. The building mimics the surrounding natural environment and the beauty of that environment lends grandeur to the complex.


Distant view


Site plan




Exterior view


Floor 1 plan


Interior view




Interior view


Interior view

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