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Piazza & Art Space, Horticulture Village

Updated: 2021-03-24 19:10

1 Basic Information 

Client: Beijing Shiyuan Investment Development Co., Ltd.

Principal Architect: Zhang Li  

Design Team: Bai Xue, Wang Hao, Zhang Mingqi, Wang Yufeng, Tang Chao, Yang Huiming, Huang Mingyue

Chief Landscape Design: Qinsen   

Lighting Design: X Studio, School of Architecture Tsinghua University

Structural Design: Yang Xiao, Zhu Duoe, Miao Lei

Materials: Steel concrete structure, clay tile, kiln dried timber, stainless steel

Project Area: 1280m2

Design Period: 2015.03-2018.03

Construction Period: 2018.07-2019.04

Completion Time: 2019.04

Photos: Brian

2 Background

Located in the south bank of Guishui River, bordering the Yongning Pavilion of Tiantian Mountain in the east and Botanic Garden in the south, Horticulture Village is an exhibition area of the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition 2019. It is planned to cover an area of about 8hm2. Horticulture Village focuses on displaying the latest achievements of horticulture art and garden development around the world, and provides catering reception and other supporting services for the Expo. After the Expo it will inherit culture and develop leisure tourism function. It includes Piazza & Art Space, Visitor Centre, Culture Creation Centre, Workshop&Main Street, Trial Garden,as well as temporary facilities as Sunshine Room.

3 Design

Piazza & Art Space, which sits in the center of the horticulture village, features a piazza made of traditional tiles bending upwards, revealing the subterranean art space below.

A frame at the southern end of the piazza pays tribute to a legendary stage that had existed here around the turn of the 20th century, while windowing the Yongning Pavilion and the Tiantian Hill to the north.

A suspended footbridge winds its way down beneath the raised north-west corner of the piazza, leading to the semi-open sunken courtyard, before entering the indoor exhibition space. The subterranean space features an array of special columns that have cooperated lighting in the upper part, and decorated with stainless steel on the lower part, each column is tapered towards both ends.


Night view


Exterior view


Interior view






Exploded axonometric drawing

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