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The Architectural Society of China actively plans this year's China Exhibition of the World Congress of Architects UIA

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The World Architects Conference unanimously adopted the "Beijing Charter" drafted by Professor Wu Liangyong. The Charter summarizes the history of architectural development over the past 100 years, and on the basis of analyzing and integrating the history and reality of the 20th century, theories and practices, achievements and problems, and various new ideas and new ideas, it looks forward to the direction of architecture in the 21st century.

The Beijing Charter is recognized as an important programmatic document guiding the development of architecture in the 21st century. It marks Wu Lianyong's theory of general architecture and human settlements, which has been widely accepted and respected by global architects, thus reversing the long-term Western The theory of architecture dominates.

The charter is divided into the following four parts: the first part recognizes the era; the second part confronts the new challenge; the third part proposes a new, 21st century architecture system—general architecture; finally, two basics are drawn. in conclusion. It is necessary to "explore the point of unanimity in a multitude of worlds" and to "go each and every way to achieve common goals" and achieve "unanimity and mutual consideration."

The conference  published Beijing Charter proposes: "The harmonious coexistence of man and nature, the simultaneous advancement of science and technology and humanity will be the trend of future architectural development."

From June 23 to 26, 1999, more than 6,000 architects and professional teachers and students from all over the world gathered in Beijing to jointly explore the development of a century-old building in the face of the threshold of the millennium, so that they can clearly understand the past and present and see future clearly .


UIA World Congress, 1999, Beijing


UIA World Congress, 1999, Beijing


The 20th UIA Congress, Beijing


Reception banquet of the 20th UIA Congress, Beijing


Foreign and Chinese guests at the opening ceremony of UIA World Congress


The first congress of the UIA Beijing Road Working Group, Beijing, October 2000

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