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The Architectural Society of China actively plans this year's China Exhibition of the World Congress of Architects UIA

Updated: 2021-03-18 16:49

This year's China Exhibition of the World Congress of Architects UIA is hosted by the Architectural Society of China (ASC) and China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd, and arranged by ASC's architects' branch. The IPPR undertakes the exhibition's curatorial work.

The China Exhibition, titled "Rational and Human - the Openess and Diversity of Chinese Architecture", is divided into three thematic sections: "ASC × UIA / Beijing for UIA 2026", "Urban Construction" and "Rural Construction".

The exhibition includes various outstanding architectural and urban design works selected from more than 250 projects submitted by 48 design units nationwide, in areas such as cultural and sports, performances, science and education, commerce, medical care, transportation, renovation and restoration.

This year's exhibition added new categories for interior and landscape designs, as well as a section devoted to excellent anti-epidemic architecture in 2020.

With the "architectural open stage" concept on mind, the exhibition plans to use an open and free layout, dispensing with traditional enclosure panels and using columns instead with presentations on all sides. The columns are turned sideways, at a 45 degree angle, so as to be more visually attractive to visitors. Their modular setup adds to their versatility and flexibility.

Besides traditional panels, the exhibition also uses multimedia and online digital display methods to enhance the presentation. At the same time, two electronic display columns have also been set up to broadcast exhibited works on loop.

To support Beijing's bid for the 2026 World Congress of Architects UIA, a whole wall - 6.5 meters long, 3 meters high and topped with traditional Chinese archway - is devoted to the story of the ASC-UIA cooperation since 1955. The whole exhibition plan has been well regarded by all sides.

Although plans for UIA 2021 Rio had changed repeatedly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, China's curatorial team has been working full time to cooperate with UIA and support Beijing's bid for the World Congress of Architects 2026, hoping to give the world an unforgettable architectural feast.

(Pictures shown here are an illustration of our exhibition plan and will be subject to adjustments according to the latest situation)

The curatorial team:

Chief Curator: Sun Zonglie

Curator in charge: Chen Ziming

Curator Contact: Guo Jun

Curator and Executive: Chen Liang, Zhang Kai, Qu Qianying, Zheng Wenjun, Yang Tian'ao

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