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Beijing Olympic Park (Olympic Green)

Updated: 2021-03-02 13:53



Beijing Olympic Park (Olympic Green) was built for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and is located in the northern end of the axis of the Forbidden City, which embodies traditional Chinese culture.

The park is divided into three areas and reaches Qinghe in the north, Anli road in the east, Beitucheng road in the south and Lincui road in the west, with a total area of 11.59 square kilometers.

Its northern part is forested, and covers an area of 6.8 square kilometers; the middle area is the main stadium and supporting facilities, set in 3.15 square kilometers; and the southern zone is the completed stadium area and reserved land with an area of 1.64 square kilometers.

As Asia's largest urban artificial water system, largest urban green landscape and longest underground traffic corridor, as well as the world’s widest pedestrian plaza, it is a new type of urban area that integrates the varied functions of offices, commercial events, hotels, cultural events, sports, conferences and residences.

The park presents unique cultural landscapes to audiences, including a dragon-shaped water system that runs through the north and south, a wide range of sculptures, variously designed flower patterns, and landscape lamp posts.

In addition, it accommodates 44 percent of the venues and most of the facilities that served the 2008 Olympic Games. The venues and facilities include 10 venues for 15 events and an 80-hectare Olympic Village for 16,000 athletes and coaches and their entourages.

In an area of nearly12 square kilometers, there are such important venues as the Bird’s Nest, Water Cube, National Stadium, National Convention Center Fencing Hall, Olympic Sports Center Stadium, Olympic Sports Center Stadium, Yingdong Swimming Pool, and Olympic Park Archery Range, Olympic Park Tennis Court, Olympic Park Hockey Field and ten other Olympic Games sites.

In addition, there are seven non-competitive venues, including the Olympic Main Press Center (MPC), the International Broadcasting Center (IBC), the Olympic Reception Center and the Olympic Village (Paralympic Village).

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