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China Architecture Design Expo 2020(Beijing) a complete success ---Demonstrating China's achievements in architectural science and technology

Updated: 2021-01-07 22:38

Co-sponsored by the Architectural Society of China, Munich Expo Group, and China United Muni (Beijing) International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd., the China Architectural Design Expo 2020 (Beijing) (CADE 2020) opened in Hall W1 of the Beijing·China International Exhibition Center on October 30, and came to a successful conclusion on November 1. 

The exhibition was the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region. With architects as the link, it's aimed at creating high-end building system solutions and a high-quality architects' exchange platform.


The entrance to CADE 2020

This year's expo continued to focus on hot architectural topics of social concern, and set up three themed invitation exhibitions, three theme exhibitions on urban future development, two special exhibitions and exhibitions on building system solutions.

Although affected by the pandemic and limited international travel, it still attracted 58 organizations to participate, and had a venue area of nearly 10,000 square meters.

Meanwhile, a BCC international building technology conference and 17 theme salon forums were held around forward-looking global trends and hot spots. The exhibition lasted for four days and attracted over 25,000 professional visitors.


The opening ceremony of CADE 2020

Zhong Jishou, assistant to the chairman of the Architectural Society of China, pointed out in his opening speech that "2020 is a special year. Facing the architectural needs and challenges of rebuilding people's lives in the post-pandemic era, the architect community shoulders an important historical mission." 

This CADE Expo will help architects to achieve more free and flexible expression through the display and exchange of a full range of advanced architectural design concepts as well as solutions and materials. The expo implements the key role of the "architect responsibility system" in the design and planning process of cities, parks and buildings in China and the Belt and Road countries and promotes industrial upgrading and development, bringing a unique and shocking clash of ideas and a visual feast for the building trades.


An interior view of CADE 2020

This year's CADE Architectural Design Expo is themed on "Integration·Future" with a focus on hot architectural topics of social concern.

Composed of themed invitation exhibitions of the Architectural Society of China, and providing exhibitions on future urban development, BAU solution-building systems, and even on architectural art this expo aims to demonstrate and spread China's architectural science and technological achievements, and promote the urban architectural culture.

The concurrent activities consist of the BCC International Building Technology Conference (BAU Congress China) and 17 architect-themed salon activities. The participants together provided a zero-distance communication platform for inspiration collision and cultural integration.


Architect-themed salon activities


CADE 2020 Gala Night of Architects and International Urban Project Award 2020

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