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ARCASIA Zone C Work Meeting held in Shanghai

Updated: 2019-10-22 14:18


Organized by Professor Wu Jiang, chairman of the Asian Association of Architects, the ARCASIA Zone C Work Meeting hosted by the Architectural Society of China and Tongji University was held in Shanghai on Oct 12 and 13, 2019.

As member groups of Area C of the Asian Construction Association, the architects' associations of China's mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, as well as Japan, Mongolia all sent official representatives to the meeting.

Li Cundong, secretary-general of the Architectural Society of China, Wang Xiaojing, director of its International Department, Li Xiangning, secretary-general of the Architectural Review Branch and Liu Yuting, project manager of the International Department were in attendance.

Other participants included Hong Kong Institute of Architects Chairman Li Guoxing and Director He Jianwei, directors of Macau Institute of Architects Christine CHOI and Ryan LAI, Director of the Japan Institute of Architects Sumito TAKASHINA, Director of the Mongolian Architects Association GANZORIG TULGAA and Director ODBAYAR OYUN and liaison officer JIGJIDNYAMAA ENKHMEND of that association, as well as Zhou Minghao, assistant to the chairman of C area of the Asian Construction Association.


Group photo of the chairman and representatives of the Asian Construction Association C member association

At the meeting, representatives of various countries and regions reported to the chairman of District C on their basic situations and the main difficulties of the group's construction and development in 2019, as well as the development guidelines and plan for 2020.


Meeting venue


Professor Wu Jiang, chairman of Area C of the Asian Construction Association, delivers a speech.


Li Cundong, secretary-general of the Architectural Society of China shares his views.


Deputy Dean Li Xiangning makes a speech.


Li Guoxing, president of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, gives a speech.


Ryan LAI, director of Macau Institute of Architects delivers a speech.


Sumito TAKASHINA, director of the Japan Institute of Architects speaks at the event.


Director of Mongolian Architects Association GANZORIG TULGAA

The Architectural Society of China reported on its bid to host the "Asian Architecture" magazine, the Asian Conference of Architects in 2020, and the Urban Renewal Academic Forum of the Asian Construction Association in Shanghai next March, and described the preparations for a series of important matters related to the Asian Construction Association. Giving their support and active response, the delegates offered ideas and suggestions, and put forward suggestions and opinions.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Wu put forward three important suggestions on cross-border and cross-regional cooperation in Area C in 2020: First, continue to focus on Asian architectural education. Wu proposed expanding the Asian campus plan jointly established by Tongji University, Pusan University and Kyushu University to the entire C area.

Second, explore cross-regional cooperation issues for Asian professional architects. The Belt and Road Roundtable Annual Meeting initiated by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects could attract more academic groups from the Asian Construction Association to discuss the relationship between the practice of Asian architects and the Belt and Road Initiative. 

Third, sustain development of the constructed environment.

It is proposed to use the Urban Renewal Forum to be held in Shanghai in March 2020 as a platform where members of Area C can participate in the discussion of sustainable development-oriented architectural practices in the process of Asian urban and social transformation.

Representatives from various countries and regions had a lively discussion on these three proposals, and everyone agreed that Chairman Wu’s proposal included some of the most important topics for Area C in the near future, with strong feasibility. All member groups will respond to the call and cooperate.


Chairman Wu Jiang guides visitors.


Professor Zhang Ming's guided visit to Yangpu Riverside Urban Renewal


Deputy Dean Li Xiangning conducts a tour of the college.


Lecture of Mongolian representatives

During the conference, the sponsor organized a visit for participants to the latest achievements of Urban Renewal at Shanghai Yangpu Riverside and the Urban Space Art Season Exhibition under the guidance of the designer Professor Zhang Ming.

Attendees also visited the teaching and research facilities and spaces of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University, guided by Professor Li Xiangning, the school's deputy dean.

The representatives of Japan and Mongolia gave lectures on Japanese architectural practice and the urban planning of Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia to the teachers and students of Tongji University at the invitation of Chairman Wu.

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