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Shougang holds forum on creating new landmark

Updated: 2019-09-24 22:26


The Century Shougang Urban Regeneration Forum was held in Shougang Industrial Park in Beijing on Sept 22, 2020 as part of the Shougang Group's centennial celebrations. 


The forum prioritized extensive and in-depth exchanges on making the park into a new landmark in Beijing.

The guests summarized and promoted related case studies and discussed the implementation of the development plan for the new Shougang area.

Shougang Industrial Park is the largest factory area in the central part of Beijing. It has completely preserved its iron and steel industry facilities from various periods, forming a unique spatial pattern and environment with hills, water bodies and historical relics coexisting together.

Shougang Group is to make overall plans for regional ecological remodeling and cultural excavation, creating an area with connected mountains and rivers, industrial heritage and Winter Olympics elements, and building the park into a demonstration base for the protection and utilization of industrial heritage.

On Sept 23, academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering plus domestic and foreign experts who participated in the forum visited Shougang Industrial Park and spoke highly of it.

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