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Tour around the center of Beijing

Updated: 2018-04-03 15:03

Schedule: One day

After breakfast, pack your stuff and go. Your first destination is the center of Beijing, the Forbidden City. Standing inside the huge palace complex, you can experience the solemnity of ancient imperial structures. You are advised to do some homework to avoid getting lost or separated from friends, while visiting and to understand the symbolism of the artistic and architectural structure. A good tour guide can help. After visiting the Forbidden City, you can stroll to the North Gate (Shenwumen).

Across the street, you will see Jingshan Park, a famous imperial garden. There is a mountain inside the park where you can climb and relax in any of the several pavilions at the top. You get an unparalleled view of the Forbidden City to the south and Drum and Bell towers to the north and a broad expanse of Central Belling: a photographer's dream. Perhaps you will notice singing down below on the south side of the mountain: local residents love singing especially in the morning, which can be a moving experience.

After your visit to Jingshan Park, exit its West Gate, because another imperial park awaits you: Beihai Park, built during the Yuan Dynasty. But you might get exhausted and hunger for a big lunch, so when you enter Beihai, veer to your right and go to Fangshan Restaurant. Its entrance is on the east side at the base of the White Dagoba in the parks center, which is famous for its imperial Cuisine, a range of dishes once reserved for the imperial family only, so many dishes, it would be impossible to try them all in one sitting. One menu item is classically served over a three-day period! No problem: you are welcome to return again.

After lunch, a leisurely stroll might be a good option. You may walk among trees that are hundreds of years old visit imperial buildings in the park or get in a boat and tour the lake. From Beihai Park, you have options: it takes about 10 minutes to get to the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) by taxi where you can view masterpieces by top classical and modern Chinese artists and art from other countries and regions. Or, you may choose to visit Wangfujing, one of the city’s busiest shopping streets and longest pedestrian malls. Or, you can visit NAMOC, and then go to nearby Wangfujing or vice versa: whatever suits your tastes. Wangfujing will impress you with its modernity, fashion, and huge crowds from at home and abroad. Yet there are also some ZhonghuaLaozihao (China Time- Honored Brand) outlets that should not be ignored. Among things to see in Wangfujing is the Wangfujing Cathedral

By now, the sun will be setting; this is the time to venture to snack street along Donghuamen where the aromas of some typical, some bizarre but always authentic Belling snacks will captivate you; and you can enjoy a dinner that you won't soon forget. There’s many food to try. Perhaps you may be thinking of taking a rest and returning to your hotel. If you followed our suggestions, you have had rewarding experiences in Beijing.

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