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Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs

Updated: 2018-04-03 15:03

Schedule: One Day

The route will takes you away from Central Beijing to a beautiful rural area in the foothills of Beijing's northern mountains. Day packs or light backpacks, energizing snacks, comfortable clothing and hiking shoes are advised, perhaps even a walking stick, especially when visiting the Great Wall.

On your trip to the Badaling Great Wall, you can view beautiful scenery in the countryside; the Great Wall is usually built upon mountainous ridgelines so the mountain scenery is fantastic.

After your visit to the Great Wall, have a rest in the Commune by the Great Wall. Twelve well-known Asian architects designed the "commune.” It is a good and scenic place to have lunch.

After lunch, the next stop is the Ming Tombs, where in addition to the tombs, you will encounter a remarkable mountain foothill landscape carefully chosen to serve as the resting place of emperors and their families.

The next stop will be the Summer Palace. After visiting the emperors' final resting place, you may enjoy seeing where they relaxed from affairs of state while they ruled. After visiting the Summer Palace, the Muslim cuisine of China awaits you at the Hongbinlou Restaurant.

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