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Shopping routes

Updated: 2018-04-03 15:03

Schedule: Half a Day

No matter how busy you are sure to be on your journey to Beijing, you must go shopping. Beijing is more than a charming ancient city; more or less since the Yuan Dynasty, it has been a cultural city with ties to the rest of the world by sea or the Silk Road, which has influenced Beijing's sense of fashion.

Now, the city is once again a fashionable international metropolis, as your visits to the Wangfujing pedestrian mall, the New Silk Street Market and the Yashow Market will attest. You will discover why buyers of fine apparel from all over Asia and Russia are flocking to Beijing to buy goods and place orders for tomorrow's China Made fashions.

When at the Yashow Market, you are in Sanlitun; the famed Sanlitun Bar Street (Sanlitun Jiuba Jie) lies one block to your east. Here, you can experience fine dining, good drinks, great people watching and perhaps even rub shoulders with some Chinese pop stars or other celebrities.

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